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One of my favourite twitter trending topics I’ve seen in a while: #GirlsWithToys.

This came as a response to an Astronomer’s remarks that Scientists are ‘boys with toys’.

Glad to see such a strong response from the women of STEM. :)

This is raaaaddddd

Hey Vancouver! VanCAF is this weekend and it’s an awesome free...

VanCAF is this weekend! I'll have books, prints and stickers, but mostly keeping it casual at table O-6.

Hey Vancouver! VanCAF is this weekend and it’s an awesome free event PACKED with talent. I’ll be there in the upper hall - table 0-6. I’ll have books and prints and stickers, but mostly I think I’ll be hanging out and drawing pictures of people in animal onesies, so please just come by and say hi!

It’s at the Yaletown Roundhouse, here is all the info

See you soooooooon

Hey Seattle, I’ll be at EMERALD CITY this weekend! :D Booth...

Hey Seattle, I’ll be at EMERALD CITY this weekend! :D Booth #1507 in the North Hall, we seem to be near nothing so just wander aimlessly in the southish side of the North hall and eventually you’ll be blinded by the shiniest purple table cloth in the world.

I’m going to be spending a lot more time sketching this year than usual, so if you’re looking for something special stop on by :) I think I’ll be drawing YOU dressed for the fantasy-warrior version of your career (or dream career). Similar to the Cubicle Warrior extreme sketches, but instead of a WT char it will be ~you~ :). 

Sketchbook 2014 is now available. It’s a free download,...

Sketchbook 2014 is now available. It’s a free download, available here at gumroad: 

I’d like to say some things about this sketchbook. I’ve put these together since 2008 (and all of them are available in the sponsor zone). 


You’ll notice that this year’s sketchbook is shorter (38pgs vs an average of 45) and the content is a lot rougher than in previous editions. I go through this in detail in the book itself so I won’t belabor the point here but the reality is that 2014 was a tough year for me, creatively. Things are very slowly getting better, and I’ve been working hard at it. 

I try to present an optimistic front, or at least a neutral one. When I’m going through hard times, it usually manifests in my absence online. When it comes to putting together these annual records of my progress, I feel like there is no where to hide. I took a hard and deliberate step back from comics in 2014, so there is less finished work than usual. 

If you’ve been following my work through the years and you’re interested in the creative process - warts and all - you may find this work interesting. I ended up cutting a lot out of it and I don’t consider it my best sketchbook. It is, however, completely free, and I offer it to you as a gift - a thanks for staying with me. 

Book 3 came out this year, and two new short stories by me were included in this year’s Cloudscape anthology: Mega Fauna. My next project is to overhaul my website, and when that’s up I hope to publish several anthology comics that have never been online. 

Thanks for reading <3

Here are all my hourlies from yesterday! I did hourlies twice...

Here are all my hourlies from yesterday! 

I did hourlies twice last year, this time I failed, this time was… better? 

Been doing hourlies since 2007 wowww

The whole First Date...

The whole First Date story

It doesn’t seem so long ago but half of these places don’t exist anymore. As I was recounting this to Trevor he couldn’t believe that we had actually driven around to so many locations in one night, something we’d never try to achieve these days :p

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Patreon sketchbook part two! (part one is here) To celebrate having made ten (holy moly) monthly sketchbooks for Patreon, I thought I’d post some pages from the very first sketchbook I ever did so you can see what it is I get up to each and every month.  I broke it into two parts (and still left out a lot) because these sketchbooks are, quite frankly, enormous. This is the second part- part one is here!

Subscribing to my monthly sketchbooks on Patreon is $5/month and you get a 25 page digital PDF full of stuff and stories I’ve been working on every month, plus access to loads of other stuff I post to my Patreon blog, including scripts, drawing works in progress, early Eth’s Skin updates, and more!  If you’d like to check it out, my patreon is here »

Sfé makes awesome sketchbooks! I’ve been a patron for awhile and I’ve read every one and they are consistently impressive. He writes awesome comics and I really recommend backing his Patreon!

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ComfyCon #PanelRoulette is live now! 


hijinksensue: COMFYCON | #PANELROULETTE | Saturday 11/22 @ 2pm...


COMFYCON | #PANELROULETTE | Saturday 11/22 @ 2pm E! 

I need some #PanelRoulette topics for ComfyCon! David Willis, Angela Melick and I are doing the same online hangout/panel we did last year for, where we take your suggestions for made up panel titles/topics and do a bunch of no-preparation 5 min panels, then do a group draw jam where we ALSO draw your suggestions. 

Feel free to post your panel title or drawing ideas on twitter or Facebook using the hashtag #PanelRoulette

We’re doing panel roulette again this year for ComfyCon! I’ll be there and we need topics :)

kagcomix: Links to the artitsts’ websites: Melanie...


Links to the artitsts’ websites:

Melanie Gillman

Raina Telegemeier

Mariko Tamaki

Jillian Tamaki

Noelle Stevenson

Sfé R. Monster

Hope Larson

Faith Erin Hicks

Annie Mok

Erika Moen

Megan Rose Gedris


This was for a school assignment. I’m not sure my descriptions do these artists justice. I am inspired & amazed by their work every day. It was also difficult to narrow my list down to just 11 individuals because there are SO many good comics being made right now.

In turn, I would love to know which artists inspire you.

Excellent list. There are so many great cartoonists working today and I heartily endorse this list if you’re looking for new comics. Check out Kathleen’s comics, too, this is just a taste of her really unique style that I’ve really been enjoying lately!